Our Story

Our Story

Sydney Flower School is a venture into an exciting area in the world of flowers, which evolved from the knowledge there were gaps in the Floral Industry that weren’t being filled by a full-time professional floral provider.

Our aim is to fill those gaps by providing:
> lifestyle classes for people wanting to enjoy learning a new skill which they can then adapt to their own home & lifestyle
> workshops for Floral Event Stylists wishing to learn the latest styles and designs
> up-skilling sessions for professional Florists and/or their staff which can be held either in our rooms or in their studio

Judith Browne :: Executive Director, Floral Designer & Educator
Judith’s entire professional career has been spent working with beautiful flowers. Judith first trained as a professional Florist and owned numerous florist shops both in Sydney and country NSW. With all the experience and knowledge Judith gained in the floral industry, her next venture was an exciting 10 year stint as one of Sydney’s top Event Designers, styling large and lavish parties, corporate functions and weddings.

Prior to Sydney Flower School, Judith’s 15 year career as an Educator and Trainer in Floral Design gave her the privilege and opportunity to pass on and share her wealth of skills and knowledge to other upcoming professional florists – which she now proudly shares with students, in her own school.

Kylie Browne :: Executive Support (& Judith’s biggest fan!)
Kylie has managed a career spanning the retail, corporate services and hospitality sectors but it is her bursting passion for colour and deep appreciation for all aspects of design, be it colour, interiors, graphics, events, fashion, architecture or floristry, that has always been the keystone to each role she has enjoyed and succeeded in.

With a creative background in Visual Merchandising and Events Design, as well as her corporate experience in Office Management and Executive Assistance, Kylie sees her role with Sydney Flower School as an exciting opportunity to work alongside Judith and build a successful business by utilising her multitude of skills and extensive network of contacts she’s obtained throughout her career… up to, and including, this new chapter.